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In Remembrance of JFF

This wiki is just for Atom!

The Founding of Atom's Wiki

I used to go on a wiki,, commonly called JFF, until it shut down recently. Apparently we had some trolls on the wiki that were admins and mods who were trolling people in chat doing something called the "kick joke". Thanks a bunch guys :/ .This is the remake of the JFF wiki. It is taking precautions, such as demoting admins and chat mods who performed the kick joke on the old JFF, so it doesn't have the same terrible fate as the last one. Thanks for coming on this wiki! Have fun and happy editing!


This is a place for fun, but even fun has rules. These are the rules and policies we have at this wiki to make sure everyone is having a fun time!

  • No pornography of any kind. Posting a link or uploading a picture of porn at all will result in a infinite block regardless of the the reason the porn was posted.
  • No threats.
  • No swearing directly at another user.
  • No spam edits.
  • No rude or mean comments (on the wiki pages as well as chat.)
  • Do not excessively use swear word.
  • Abuse of Admin/Chat Mod power of any sort will result in the admin/mod being demoted as well as a one month block.
  • No sock accounts.
  • Have Atoms.
  • No offensive content - Punishment: Banned for a week.
  • Respect other users. - Punishment: Banned for a day. (increases by one day each time)
  • No Blocking,  Promoting, Demoting, or Unblocking at ALLWithout Top Admins or the Founders Permissionthe  consequences depends on the choice of the Top Admins or Founders. also UNDER NO Circumstances can Bureaucrats make other people Bureaucrats Without Founders Permission. The consequences are major.
  • this is very important, Do NOT delete Content Without Top Admins or Founders Permission, This also is a major consequence. The first time you do it, you will be blocked for a year. The second time, you will be blocked for infinite.


Consequences very depending on the situation at hand, but generally we will give 2 warnings and 2 kicks before a ban. (If you are having any trouble following the rules, would like a rule added, or would like a rule removed, please contact a admin and leave them a message on their talk page. Thank you and happy editing!)

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